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Birthday May 28th - Running Wild!!!

May. 29th, 2004

12:28 pm - Birthday May 28th

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Another one down - I am 40 minus 4 and feeling as young as ever. Mrs. Web got me a super cool iPod mini, I took a couple of spins on Kraken at Sea World and ate at Tchoup Chop. Spoiled rotten, I am!!

One thing I noticed yesterday while at Sea World yesterday (if I may stray off topic) is that the Low Carb Craze sweeping the nation from coast to coast - you know, the diet where everone is supposed to substitute Low Carb inventions for Exercise? - IT AIN'T WORKING!!!! That's only good for me. The lines at Kraken keep getting smaller and smaller because the people there keep getting bigger and bigger.

Another off topic observation... As we were sitting in I-Drive traffic, hardly moving in the bumper to bumper parking lot with traffic lights, I thought to myself, "Wow, this economy really sucks - and the price of gas is outrageous!! The thing is, I don't think anyone really gets it yet. Hey, people!!!!! Stop using gas!!!! It's too expensive and the economy sucks!!!!" The only explanation is pure fantasy... that the economy is doing well and gas isn't that expensive after all. I must be on drugs.

After two days off it's time to hit the toilet bowls again... Prince Toilet cleaner!!! (pronounced Twa-LET, thank you)