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Spijker - Running Wild!!!

May. 26th, 2004

01:03 am - Spijker

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Our dog is 9 months old today. Getting a dog happened from one day to the next. I floated the idea around to Mrs. Webrunner and within a few weeks we had one! So small and helpless, it was like raising a child (as if I know what THAT'S all about!). He doesn't destroy much. He occasionally fancies electronic chew toys like cell phones and cable wires. He gets very excited when I super steam and extract the carpet with my funky new Eureka Atlantis carpet cleaner. So excited, he puked right in the middle of where I had just cleaned. Perfect puppy timing. One time he was playing on the bed with Mrs. W and I. He was around 2.5 months old and threw up all over the place. Mrs. Web hasn't been the same since. She visits a therapist regularly because of it. She has nightmares of the Night of the Puking Puppy.

Spijker is a Republican. Not many dogs have a political opinion, but our dog does. He believes in working hard and playing hard. He believes in personal doggie responsibility and would have paid for the phone he destroyed if I didn't have insurance on it. He likes chasing lizards and watching Dr. Phil with Mrs. Web. He runs up stairs wonderfully but does not go down stairs well at all. That's ok because that means he has many more ups than downs.

With Spijker, there are no gray areas - it's all black and white.


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Date:May 26th, 2004 03:23 am (UTC)

Dr Who???

Well at least its not Dr Atkins. Dr Phil, I mean come on?! Tell "Mrs. W" that Oprah is on twice a day now and dispite her hectic life and odd sleeping patterns (I know she does it all just to listen to Mr and Mrs "M" down stairs) she can watch that. If your dog is puking, try feeding it, we do once a week whether he needs it or not. Perhaps Spiker heard Mr and Mrs "M" downstairs and got all upset and just couldn't take it. I mean wouldn't you do the same thing if you heard THAT??? Well off to work I go. This is your first comment of someone who cares.....
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