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Women's underwear - Running Wild!!!

May. 27th, 2004

02:02 am - Women's underwear

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I love the hotel biz. Today, I told a guest that I'd do her laundry for her for free...just to be nice. After doing it, I was sitting there at my desk with a bunch of socks, bras and underwear. It got me thinking... Why the HELL do chicks have so many different types of underwear. I have the same stuff... OK, I get crazy once in a while and change the color. Got some green, some blue, some black. Wooaaah, I'm INSANE!!! Or at least I thought I was. Every pair that I folded (yes, Mrs. Web, FOLDED) was totally different. I decided that there was a pair for every occassion. 1. I'm feeling sexy undies.
2. I'm feeling slutty undies.
3. I'm feeling bloated like a Manatee on helium undies.
4. I feel like crap, period! undies.
5. Stay the hell away from me, whoever you are! undies.
6. Someone might be folding my underwear one day, better throw in a pair of new ones undies.

Yes, I will do anything for the guest.

The freakiest thing was, while folding her children's underwear, I had the strange sensation of feeling like Michael Jackson (without the sick sense of enjoyment, of course).